Traveling the desert does automatically mean that one is confronted somehow with navigation. I will present some instruments, documents and maps here which were (or are) mainly used for navigation in the desert:

Howards Mk.I (Can anybody please confirm that?)

I have recently obtained a sun-compass which I had never seen before but to mee it has a more than striking resemblance to the Howards Mk.III sun-compass which was produced until the 1990ies.

Although the scaling is not exactly the same, many other details are entirely similar on both compasses. The “Upward Arrow”, if I am not wrong, was the sign of the British War Department during the time of WWI.

The material of the (presumably) older compass is solid brass whilst the modenr one was built of aluminum.

I would highly appreciate if somebody would recognize the compass and could provide me with some further details to it.

Howard Mk.III Sun-Compass

The Howard Mk.III sun compass was the last in a row of such instruments issued to units of the British Army. The last time it saw service was during the Gulf War in the early 1990ies. I was lucky to obtain such compass just recently and it will be a great addition to my little collection.

Howards Mk.III, Dashboard Mounting

The Howards Mk.III sun-compass was equipped with a handle but could alse be fixed on the dashboard of the patrol truck. The photos show an original mounting used with the British Army.

Abrams Universal Sun Compass 1943 (Manual)

Some pages out of a 1943 manual for the Abrams Universal Sun Compass.