2011/07 "Narrow Escapes of WW2"

Interview for “Narrow Escapes of WW2”, a TV series broadcasted on the British Yesterday channel in autumn 2011.

26.10.2011 20:56 | Kuno Gross

2011 / 06, Zerzura Meeting 2011

Giving a presentation about desert wrecks together with Roberto Chiarvetto on the occassion of the “Zerzura Meeting 2011” in Milano / Italy.

26.10.2011 20:49 | Kuno Gross

2011/04, Trials with the Sun-Compass

To find proof for the assumptions we made on the use of the Bagnold Sun-Compass we went to Tunisia (Libya was “off limits” due to the ongoing civil war). The little instrument worked well and we could get photos which we wanted to use in the planned publication about the sun-compass.

26.10.2011 20:26 | Kuno Gross

2011/02, "Desert Veteran"

‘Military Machines International’ published my article about the wreck of an LRDG patrol truck in the Great Sandsea in Egypt. We had visited and photographed this truck during our recent journey to Egypt and thought it would worth to be presented to a wider circle of interested people.

21.10.2011 23:29 | Kuno Gross