2011/09, Swiss Military Museum

Another article for 'Military Machines International' presents the vehicle collection of the Swiss Military Museum at Full Reuenthal.

26.10.2011 21:33 | Kuno Gross

2011/08, MOWAG Collection

Not a desert-subject at all. The article about the MOWAG collection in the Swiss Military Museum published in 'Military Machines International'.

26.10.2011 21:28 | Kuno Gross

2011/08, "Bagnold Sun-Compass" published.

Our fourth publication is entirely concentrating on the Bagnold Sun-Sompass. It was a very exciting experience to develop this little book. We had started with a replica-compass, knowing hardly anything about it and found an amazing wealth of details in during our research.

26.10.2011 21:25 | Kuno Gross

2011/07 War & Peace Show, Beltring 2011

I followed an invitation of the “British Desert Raiders” to attend the War & Peace Show at Beltring. Despite the impressive line up of military vehicles of all kind – my main interest was naturally with the replicas of the SAS and LRDG vehicles.

26.10.2011 21:12 | Kuno Gross