2012/02 Algeria, Constantine

After many years I had the chance to spend some days in Algeria again. I did not visit the desert-part of that beautiful Country but the North-East around the city of Constantine. There I got some rather surprising and pleasant views.

14.03.2012 12:00 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 02 Zumsteins Comics in German Language

Until present, the comic series Faucon du Desert of Franz Zumstein was available at Delcourt in French language. In summer 2012, the German publisher Comic Plus will start the same series in German language.

Franz Zumstein is is already working on Volume 4 of his series now. I had the pleasure to join a presentation of him, where he introduced his works and at this occassion he showed as well some pages of the current work. It looks great.

27.02.2012 05:46 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 02 The Attack on Kufra

It was actually not the intention to look for traces of the “Attack on Kufra” but being at Gialo, I took the chance to get a “then & now” photo. It shows the (that time) only Italian building in the oasis, the “Presidio” where the Italians had installed a water well. Gialo was an important staging point for their operation against Kufra in 1931.

Our book can be found here:

Another interesting coincidence was that we have seen a very rare Lancia Z armoured car and a Fiat 3000 tank in Cirene / Shahat.

In fact, these were naturally not originalls but remnants of the famous film Omar el-Mukhtar dating back to 1976. The Lancia Z is a quite accurate replica based on the chassis of a Landrover. The Fiat 3000 is a bit less accurate and was built around a Caterpillar.

27.02.2012 05:22 | Kuno Gross

2012 / 02 Green Mountains / Jebel Akhdar

Libya offers many unexpected views to the traveller. In particular the “Green Mountains” will make one believe that he is somewhere else…

27.02.2012 05:14 | Kuno Gross