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Organisations, Associations, Institutions, Museums & Archives
DVPS - Desert Vehicles Preservation Society

A small group of enthusiasts ( I am one of them) has recently established the DVPS – Desert Vehicles Preservation Association Everything is still in its early stages – but there are lots of ideas already.
The Melik Society

The aim of the Melik Society is to advance public awareness of Anglo-Sudanese history in the period 1883-1956 through the restoration and preservation of the river gunboat Melik and the paddle steamer Bordein.
The CRUSADER Project

Andreas Biermann's blog.
The British Desert Raiders

Fascinating LRDG trucks.
LRDG Preservation Society

Jack Valenti and his group of enthusiasts.
Western Desert Recce Group

From Scotland to the Desert.
Friends of Popski's Private Army

foPPA is an association which keeps the memory for the PPA very well alive.
Swiss Military Museum

You should pay a visit to it!

The museum of the Swiss Airforce and the Anti-Aircraft Forces of the Swiss Army. There are more than 40 aircraft on display amongst them some examples that you would not find elsewhere in the world – as the protoypes of the Swiss jet-fighters P-16 and “Aguillon”. The museum is located at the Duebendorf Airfield where also Ju Air resides. The chance that you see a vintage Junkers Ju 52 taking off or landing whilst you visit the museum is there.
Zerzura Club

The new version of the famous “Zerzura Club” of the 1930ies.
Royal Geographical Society

The Royal Geographical Society provided information and photographs to “The Bagnold Sun-Compass”.
National Archives

The National Archives assisted us during our research.
Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum was of great help during the research for “The Bagnold Sun-Compass”.
Ufficio Storico dello Stato Maggiore dell’Aeronautica

USSMA: Not a Museum but the Historical Office of the Air Force. Deals with the History of the Air Force, keeps the Archives and library and also has a Publishing Office.
Museo Storico dell'Aeronatica Militare

The Italian Air Force Museum at Vigna di Valle
Aircraft Museum at Volandia / Malpensa

A very nice aircraft museum installed in the former factory of the Italian manufacturer Caproni
Ufficio Storico dello Stato Maggiore dell’Esercito

USSME: The Historical Office of the Army. At the USSME building there indeed is a small exposition – a restored Semovente 75/18, weapons, and small bits.
Museo dell'Araba Fenice

A private museum, open to the public upon request, containing Italian uniforms, equipment, medals etc., and a rich library of documents and publications, mostly related to the Italian Colonial commitment.
Heinrich Barth Institut

The Heinrich Barth Institut.
La Rahla

“La Rahla – Amicale des Sahariens” accueille depuis 1946 tous ceux et celles qui se sentent concernés par le Sahara en raison de leurs activités passées ou présentes, de leur goût du voyage dans le désert ou, tout simplement, parce qu'ils y sont nés, y habitent ou pour l'intérêt qu'ils y portent.
British Sundial Society

The British Sundial Society was formed in 1989. Its objects are to advance the education of the public in the art and science of gnomonics and the knowledge of all types of sundial; to catalogue and advise on the restoration of sundials in the British Isles, and to research their history.

A very comprehensive online museum dealing with all kinds of compasses. If you need to know something – you will find it here:

Malcom Barnfields Sundials is based in Johannesburg, South Africa and has been making sundials of high quality and accuracy for the past 17 years from brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminium.
Fort Rinella

Fort Rinella is an amazing piece of living history. A giant 100 ton gun and the fort belonging to it is maintained by a group of volunteers of the FONDAZZJONI WIRT ARTNA – Malta Heritage Foundation. This place is always worth a visit!
Malta Aviation Museum

Not the biggest aircraft display in the world but a very dedicated one. Being at Malta you should definitely pay a visit to the aviation museum.
Tour Operators
Fliegel Jezerniczky Expeditions

A marvelous site about rock-art and desert expeditions run by Andras Zboray.
Rolling Mia Tours

Exclusive and individual desert expeditions in Libya, Tunisia and Oman.
Dabuka New Horizons

A famous tour-operator for the desert
Atlas Travelworld

Books, Maps, Equipment, Training & Tours and after a break of a few years again the famous “Voodoo-Treff” in 2012
Various interesting Links
Commemorative Air Force - Swiss Wing

CAF Swiss Wing is a relatively young and small – but very active part of the famous Commemorative Air Force.
JU Air

Four of a total of eight airworthy Junkers Ju 52 are operated by JU Air.

Der Verein SPAS (Seaplane Pilots Association Switzerland) will die Wasserfliegerei einer breiteren Bevölkerung näherbringen und mit sorgfältig und umsichtig organisierten Wasserflugzeug-Treffen die Begeisterung für Wasserfliegen erhalten und verbreiten.
Television, Books & Magazines
Pacific Screen

The producers of the famous documentary “Lost in Libya”.
World Media Rights

“Narrow Escapes of WWII” was produced by World Media Rights.
Military Machines International

A very good UK magazine dealing with all sorts of military vehicles.
Belleville Verlag Michael Farin

Belleville has already published several books dealing with the desert and its exploration in the 1930s and 1940s and now they will publish our Operation Salam.