Authors & Friends

On this page I listed people and authors to whom I have a relation. Either they were co-authors of one of the books presented on this side or we were in contact for other reasons, mainly about “desert related” subjects.

Please check out the books and publications of these authors and friends of mine.

Zumstein, Franz

One day I found Franz’ website and saw that he had started a project about North Africa in 2005.
Obviously this project got stuck. It was taken up again and in the meantime a whole series has grown – at first in French language with Delcourt and now as well in German at Comic +.

An interview (in German Language) with Franz Zumstein to the occassion of the publication of the first volume of his comic series in German language with comic +

En Francais a Delcourt

Auf Deutsch bei Comic +

Some sample pages…

  • Band 3 auf Deutsch bei Comic +*

Franz Zumstein is currently working on the Volume 5 of his series “Desert Hawk” but was presenting his fascinating works at the occassion of Biderfest 2013 at Langenbruck. This festival remembered the 100th. anniversary of Oskar Biders first crossing of the alps by an aircraft, the Bleriot XI.