Airman's Desert Diary 1942-46

With 15 Sqn SAAF in the Desert War

This publication is based on Mostert's diary hwhich he kept during his service with 15 Sqn SAAF in the desert war from 1942-46. The numerous fascinating photos of 15 Sqn and also other aircraft take much more space in this little book than the actual text. The text of the diary was left in its original content – but footnotes have added where required.

For a better understanding of the Reader we have added small chapters to explain who 15 Sqn SAAF was and what tasks the unit had in the desert war.

Maps are illustrating the “way” of 15 Sqn in the Second World War and showing the mot important locations mentioned in the text.

And we are really proud to present for the first time the photos of the wreck of a Bristol Blenheim Mk IV F and its identification