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Autoblindo AB.41 - and a strange Coincidence

When I came to Benghazi in Libya for the first time in the year 2000 I was searching the internet for any hints for interesting places and things to look for in the area. I came across the website of a Polish who had spent a part of his youth in Benghazi. By then the man was living in Canada and his website was obviously no longer maintained – at least he never answered to my question for the location of the wreck of the Autoblindo AB41 of which he had a photo on his website. As far as I recall, the caption just said:” Wreck of an armoured car in the Libyan desert”.
As you can imagine – I have never found that wreck….
In 2010 I went to Egypt for a desert trip, actually for the research of our book project “Operation Salam” and on the way back we have used the occasion for a short visit at the military museum at El-Alamein. The museum is actually not a good one and the wrecks of the many vehicles do not receive a professional care; they just get a new layer of anti-rust paint every now and then. Anyhow; amongst these wrecks was also an AB41 and I took some photos of it. I did not think any further.
Now in May 2012 when I was cleaning up my hard disc a little bit, I found the old photo of the Polish again…
…and the feeling came up, that I must have seen this vehicle somewhere.
And it was true. When I went trough my photos taken at the museum in Egypt, I did not only see the very same vehicle but by accident one of the photos was taken in exactly the same angle as it was the case for the old photo!
Looking at it now, I recall that the museum at El-Alamein was once just a dump of derelict vehicles of the desert war along the coastal road – obviously the Polish man had once travelled along the coastal road from or to Benghazi and at this occasion passed the museum.

07.06.2012 12:17 | Kuno Gross