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Pyramides and Aircraft
Beechcraft 18 over the Pyramides of Gizeh
Beechcraft 18 over the Pyramides of Gizeh

In relation to our planned flight with a vintage Beechcraft 18 I started to look for photographs showing this type of aircraft in a “desert environment”. It took not long until I found an old advert showing such plane flying over the famous pyramids of Egypt…

This motivated me to look out for more such photographs and paintings – and it was not a big surprise to find quite a number of them in the internet and on the covers of old magazines (The Aeroplane).

As it seems to me – not ol of these photographs were actually taken with the aircraft and the pyramides in the background but quite a number looks like being “photoshopped”…

If you should have or should find more such pictures or photographs, please send them to me so that I can add them to this “collection”.

25.03.2014 11:25 | Kuno Gross

Sea of Sand

Another famous desert-movie. The story is not thaaaat important but it was filmed on original locations with the technical assistance of W.B. Kennedy-Shaw.

19.12.2013 23:57 | Kuno Gross

Desert Comics

It is not that I am a fanatic collector of “desert-comics” but if I come accross one, where “desert” plays a role, I normally buy it. I buy them just because of the “desert” but have to admit that I do actually not like all of them…

04.03.2014 21:17 | Kuno Gross

Land Rover for Fishing

Land Rovers are a very rare view in the Sultanate of Oman. Unfortunately. There is one exception – the Mazira island, where they are mainly used for fishing, respectively to push the fishing boats up the flat beaches. Amazing that those old vehicles still carry on to do their “salty duty” after so many years…

14.12.2013 17:40 | Kuno Gross